“Ignore the numerous issues with cross-gender supervision in prison. “

Ignore the numerous issues with cross-gender supervision in prison.” http://www.xojane.com/issues/orange-is-the-new-black-is-handling-sexual-assault-terribly

It’s hypocritical to me that a writer for a very pro-queer website is also talking about the issues with male prison staff in women’s prisons. Of course they are a bad idea and lead to rape. However, do not for a second thing this is not the way “the system” patriarchy is supposed to work. It is also insulting to me because this same writer likely supports trannies being inmates in women’s prisons.


How Sumerian…

So when all those sex trade lobbyists freaks get all started up again, I think of ancient Sumeria and those other such Mesopotamian civilizations. Many feminists believe there is where patriarchy was institutionalized though agricultural surpluses already set up many informal patriarchal social orders. In ancient Mesopotamia there was an institutionalized social role called a “sacred harlot” or prostituted women for the gods. This was their attack and degenerate subversion of matriarchal tribes that they stamped out. This was a tactic of assimilating women into a male supremacist role for that society.

While claiming it was “sacred” and “empowering” to them it really set them up for abuse like prostitution always does. So when I hear these punter loving assholes I think we have never really evolved culturally from ancient Sumeria… still telling women the bullshit lie that being fucked will liberate us. It hasn’t for 6000 yrs. Hasn’t… ever. Really.

So when the pimp lovers go off about the virtues of being assfucked by pornsick woman-loathers, tell them how Sumerian they are.

*More academic feminists feel free to research any surviving documentation of abuse of prostituted women in Mesopotamian temples. I’m sure it exists. Men’s temple is a brothel and women’s temple is the earth. Men’s temple is hard as polished marble and women’s temple is soft and tender as a woman’s breast.

How Sumerian…