5 simple chemistry facts that everyone should understand before talking about science

The Logic of Science

One of the most ludicrous things about the anti-science movement is the enormous number of arguments that are based on a lack of knowledge about high school level chemistry. These chemistry facts are so elementary and fundamental to science that the anti-scientists’ positions can only be described as willful ignorance, and these arguments once again demonstrate that despite all of the claims of being “informed free-thinkers,” anti-scientists are nothing more than uninformed (or misinformed) science deniers. Therefore, in this post I am going to explain five rudimentary facts about chemistry that you must grasp before you are even remotely qualified to make an informed decision about medicines, vaccines, food, etc.

1). Everything is made of chemicals

This seems like a simple concept, but many people seem to struggle greatly with it, so let’s get this straight: all matter is made of chemicals. You consist entirely of chemicals. All food…

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Transracial VS Transgender

Transracial is very offensive to POC as they are an oppressed group. The malestream media does seem to understand this and immediately recognizes this as an affront to reason. With “gender” aka sex its another issue. They bend over arseward to please the genderist crowd but in reality women are oppressed based on their sex. A man claiming to be a woman inside is just as offensive as someone claiming to be another race. There is actually more genetic difference between men and women than between people of different races.

To Cliodhna

Faery queen goddess.


I call to Cliodhna of the Fortunate Isles,
daughter of the Danann, fair-haired Cliodhna
of the three bright birds that ate from the apple-tree,
their song a salve to any wound, any ill.
Pretty lovers you took, O goddess, mortal men
lured by your wondrous and terrible beauty,
yet ever did you return to the Land of the Young.
Cliodhna of the stony cairn, whose voice rang out
over hill and glen, a shriek to still the heart;
chief of the mound-women, chief of the mourners
of great men. Cliodhna of many guises,
I honor your story, I honor your name.

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Fat Pride: A Horrid First World Self-indulgence

“Truthfully, privilege theory is extremely problematic because it is unscientific liberal nonsense. The problem is that is fails to make certain necessary distinctions by being a qusai-neutral political idea. For example, almost all privilege theory advocates support the political and economic system of capitalism. Someone who holds this standpoint cannot acknowledge class privilege. By the very theoretical nature of capitalism, anyone in a higher class has earned this position via “hard work”. Therefore anyone who believes in capitalism and privilege theory has no right to be complaining about economic inequality. This is an outright self-defeating contradiction. One cannot support a system economic inequality and complain about its real world manifestation of class privilege. Such is liberal First World theoretical nonsense, no Marxist could hold this position.”

First Worldism is a lot like general First World politics. As they lack a proletariat, First Worldists never cease to invent new ways to claim they are oppressed. Even with all the global privilege of being a part of the global one percent[1], they still continue to think of

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