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Baltimore: Revolutionary Potential?

“The truly heartbreaking moment is when there are Black people defending the police and denouncing the rioters.”

I agree with this. It certainly is heartbreaking, I just wish more radical leftists saw how similarly heartbreaking women with internalized misogyny are instead of demonizing them which they do not do to people of colour with internalized racism.

I agree with the analysis in this video completely too. My problem is a similar analysis of sex based oppression of women is never done by most on the radical left even though it is just as valid. I believe this is proof that most men, even those who claim to be against all forms of oppression, still do not consider women human. Men consider us their livestock, their property. Women belong to whatever male groups like skin colour or nationality that they are part of but they deny any commonality among women, which is sexist. Women are an oppressed group. #YesAllWomen

The situation in Baltimore is another example of the growing popular anger towards the injustice meted out by the repressive forces of the ruling class. Protests and riots against the police and their continuous killings; this time Freddie Grey.

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