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The Nice Man Cometh

“Clearly women need to have it explained to them that bad things are happening to other women far away. We wouldn’t know about this kind of thing if it weren’t for James being around to explain it to us.”

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Socialisation Makes Men Bad if they don't Get their Own Way

It’s worth noting that this kind of thing happens all the time these days.

It’s nothing more than part of the backlash against feminism.

This particular tweet was bemoaning the fact men are not well suited to being university women’s officers. Because of they are not women.

For goodness sake.

Obviously this was a ‘feminist man’ saying this.

Because it’s expecting too much of poor women to do feminism without men helping. Men have to hold leadership roles or else it’s totally unfair. And if they are asked to go and work on anti-woman behaviour among other men, this is essentially instructing them to become MRAs because Warren Farrell.

They just can’t play nicely without supervision. Presumably this is why they don’t trust us to play nicely without them there.

Honestly if this is the level of accountability of a man seeking to have a conversation with feminists, there…

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