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Misogynist Skepdick Gunna Skool U Gud On Rape

“In fact, if anything you need to be more skeptical when telling a story you want to tell, one that reinforces your biases or ideology.

Don’t suspend skepticism or best journalistic practices because of the sensitivity of a story, or the sympathetic nature of a victim. The best thing you can do for a victim is skeptical due diligence, to remove any doubt about the veracity of their story because you were a skeptical journalist.

In fact, I can broaden this principle further. It is always a good idea to engage in skeptical due diligence, especially if you believe in the facts being asserted. If you think you have a dramatic new treatment for a horrible disease, that is all the more reason to do rigorous testing to prove that it actually works. If you think you have invented a free energy device, then you should be your own harshest skeptic.

Don’t suspend skepticism because your claims are so important. That is a reason to be more skeptical.”


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