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Vogue Empower My Choice: What the criticism actually did to feminism

“Un-surprisingly men had a field day when they saw so many women outraging over one woman wanting to be adulterous. Boy were they vindicated or what. They rallied with the morality flag, gender equality flag. Suddenly they remembered that adultery is not cool and women are equal.” Good quote on the abuse of the word “equality” to bash women and generally be anti-progressive.

This Is My Truth

Update dt 4-Apr-2015: This blog has gone viral, reaching a total of 1.80 lac people through Facebook, over 56,000 page views and over 10,000 Shares. I’ve been blogging for 10 years, and yesterday all records broke when it received 32,541 page views. That’s 22 page views per minute. Thank you everybody who shared this post and made it a viral.

The Vogue Empower video titled ‘My Choice’ featuring Deepika Padukone and 99 other women, from different walks of life, has already taken way too much space than it deserved. And yet, I feel the need to defend it. Allow me to explain why.

My first reaction:

The video was released on Saturday and when I first saw someone sharing it, I didn’t even bother to open, just like I don’t care to open so many other virals the public seem to love. But as more people started sharing it, particularly…

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