Baltimore: Revolutionary Potential?

“The truly heartbreaking moment is when there are Black people defending the police and denouncing the rioters.”

I agree with this. It certainly is heartbreaking, I just wish more radical leftists saw how similarly heartbreaking women with internalized misogyny are instead of demonizing them which they do not do to people of colour with internalized racism.

I agree with the analysis in this video completely too. My problem is a similar analysis of sex based oppression of women is never done by most on the radical left even though it is just as valid. I believe this is proof that most men, even those who claim to be against all forms of oppression, still do not consider women human. Men consider us their livestock, their property. Women belong to whatever male groups like skin colour or nationality that they are part of but they deny any commonality among women, which is sexist. Women are an oppressed group. #YesAllWomen

The situation in Baltimore is another example of the growing popular anger towards the injustice meted out by the repressive forces of the ruling class. Protests and riots against the police and their continuous killings; this time Freddie Grey.

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What are Nymphs?

In the Mountain Valleys


Female spirits of the natural world, minor goddesses of the forests, rivers, springs, meadows, mountains and seas. They are responsible for the crafting of nature’s wild beauty, from the arrangement and growth of the plants, flowers and trees, to the nurture of wild birds and animals, and the formation of rocky caverns, springs, wetlands and brooks.

Nymphs are also companions of the gods. Dionysos has his wild-eyed Mainades and Bakkhai, Artemis is accompanied by a band of huntress nymphs, Hekate by the dark Lampades nymphs of the underworld. Poseidon’s court is attended by Nereides and sea nymphs, and the Olympian court by nymph handmaidens.

All nymphs, whose number is almost infinite, may be divided into two great classes.

The first class embraces those who must be regarded as a kind of inferior (minor earth dwelling) divinities, recognised in the worship of nature. The early Greeks saw in all the phenomena…

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The Nice Man Cometh

“Clearly women need to have it explained to them that bad things are happening to other women far away. We wouldn’t know about this kind of thing if it weren’t for James being around to explain it to us.”

A space to share our joy.

Socialisation Makes Men Bad if they don't Get their Own Way

It’s worth noting that this kind of thing happens all the time these days.

It’s nothing more than part of the backlash against feminism.

This particular tweet was bemoaning the fact men are not well suited to being university women’s officers. Because of they are not women.

For goodness sake.

Obviously this was a ‘feminist man’ saying this.

Because it’s expecting too much of poor women to do feminism without men helping. Men have to hold leadership roles or else it’s totally unfair. And if they are asked to go and work on anti-woman behaviour among other men, this is essentially instructing them to become MRAs because Warren Farrell.

They just can’t play nicely without supervision. Presumably this is why they don’t trust us to play nicely without them there.

Honestly if this is the level of accountability of a man seeking to have a conversation with feminists, there…

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Misogynist Skepdick Gunna Skool U Gud On Rape

“In fact, if anything you need to be more skeptical when telling a story you want to tell, one that reinforces your biases or ideology.

Don’t suspend skepticism or best journalistic practices because of the sensitivity of a story, or the sympathetic nature of a victim. The best thing you can do for a victim is skeptical due diligence, to remove any doubt about the veracity of their story because you were a skeptical journalist.

In fact, I can broaden this principle further. It is always a good idea to engage in skeptical due diligence, especially if you believe in the facts being asserted. If you think you have a dramatic new treatment for a horrible disease, that is all the more reason to do rigorous testing to prove that it actually works. If you think you have invented a free energy device, then you should be your own harshest skeptic.

Don’t suspend skepticism because your claims are so important. That is a reason to be more skeptical.”

Cellulite Should Be Considered A Secondary Sexual Characteristic For Women

I read this on a science based beauty blog once and I think it’s something every woman should know because the malestream media does not mention how normal this is because they want to sell you products to fix an imaginary problem

“Next, we need to establish exactly what cellulite is. Cellulite is a condition of subcutaneous fat that causes a dimpling effect under the skin. Under men’s skin, the connective tissue is criss-crossed, ensuring that cellulite (probably) does not bulge out. For women, the tissue is organized into a column shape, allowing for cellulite to appear. Combine that with a tendency towards thinner skin and a higher percentage of body fat, and it’s hardly surprising that women are more likely to show cellulite than men are. As a result, an estimated 90% of women experience cellulite post-adolescence. It’s so ubiquitous among ladyfolk that some doctors have even proposed that cellulite qualifies as a secondary sex characteristic, right up there with breasts, hips, and pubic hair.

Although various treatment methods have been proposed for treating cellulite, a solution to the supposed problem is remarkably elusive (even liposuction is unable to address this issue, as one’s connective tissue and skin thickness aren’t changed by the procedure).”

Blood Moon


full moon with orb

The dead will dance, cloaked in the dragons breath, under a blood moon tonight.

When the veil is thin and the fabric of the universe is shining through, you will hear their voices, almost touch their hands. ‘We are but shades’ they cry ‘Light and shadow in equal measure.’

The wind blowing through the sacred stones is full of whispers of the secrets of the mysteries.

Listen as they speak to you, listen well.
They will tell you that the running waters can even cleanse the blood of the dead.
The trees can heal your pain, the stars can give you hope and direction, the ravens in the branches knows your  thoughts and your mind.
The flowers tell a story of the seasons, the rocks hold sacred spirals and imprints of memory. The earth can hold you in her arms and shelter you from harm.
The voices are quieter now, they are there always if you listen within…

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Radfem2012 and the ‘problematics of Pretend Radfems’

“The second myth I need to dispel is that just because a liberal feminist is anti-porn and anti-prostitution, that does not make her a radical feminist – there is far more to radical feminism than just picking and choosing one or two ‘bits’ that take your fancy, and hey-presto, you’re a radfem. Being a radfem involves not only understanding all the radfem points, but how they interact, as well as a view that our ultimate aim is not to patch up a bad system (patriarchy and male domination) but to eradicate it altogether.”

Radfem Groundhog Day

This is a little off the track with regards to Radfem2012, but as this young woman addressed and criticised the conference for the female-only policy, so her YouTube will be addressed directly here.

Firstly I need to dispel the myth that just because someone is born female, that automatically makes them a feminist. It does not, and some females actively support female oppression and undermine feminism. Feminist is not synonymous with female.

The second myth I need to dispel is that just because a liberal feminist is anti-porn and anti-prostitution, that does not make her a radical feminist – there is far more to radical feminism than just picking and choosing one or two ‘bits’ that take your fancy, and hey-presto, you’re a radfem. Being a radfem involves not only understanding all the radfem points, but how they interact, as well as a view that our ultimate aim is not to…

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Vogue Empower My Choice: What the criticism actually did to feminism

“Un-surprisingly men had a field day when they saw so many women outraging over one woman wanting to be adulterous. Boy were they vindicated or what. They rallied with the morality flag, gender equality flag. Suddenly they remembered that adultery is not cool and women are equal.” Good quote on the abuse of the word “equality” to bash women and generally be anti-progressive.

This Is My Truth

Update dt 4-Apr-2015: This blog has gone viral, reaching a total of 1.80 lac people through Facebook, over 56,000 page views and over 10,000 Shares. I’ve been blogging for 10 years, and yesterday all records broke when it received 32,541 page views. That’s 22 page views per minute. Thank you everybody who shared this post and made it a viral.

The Vogue Empower video titled ‘My Choice’ featuring Deepika Padukone and 99 other women, from different walks of life, has already taken way too much space than it deserved. And yet, I feel the need to defend it. Allow me to explain why.

My first reaction:

The video was released on Saturday and when I first saw someone sharing it, I didn’t even bother to open, just like I don’t care to open so many other virals the public seem to love. But as more people started sharing it, particularly…

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