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What Is A Liberal Feminist?

Someone who incorporates male liberalism into their feminist analysis. They push for women to be in positions of power, as if that could ever help stop capitalist patriarchy and how it harms women as a class. Tokenism does nothing. They tout the male liberal line on transgenderism, porn, the sex trade etc. Which means they will advocate for federal gender identity protections, which actually would make female-only space a hate crime, therefore hurting genuine feminist organizing. They support full decriminalization or legalization of the sex trade as opposed to the Nordic Model on prostitution, claim that porn can be “feminist” and “empowering” instead of acknowledging that it is male violence against women. Refuse to out right condemn capitalism, deny that patriarchy is another word for male supremacy and that men as a class benefit materially from the subjugation of women. Instead they take a very useless individualist position.


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