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A perspective on male violence against women and how society reacts

“Then something else happened. I began to question why the murder of puppies incites more action and disgust in society than the overwhelming worldwide human rights issue that is domestic violence.”

REAL for women

I would like to share with you a perspective about male violence towards women and I think it’s time we spoke about the value of women in Australian culture. And it’s time we spoke about the value we place on womens lives in our culture. And I want to pose these questions to you all.

Why does our abuse not register, let alone matter?

Last week a shocking act of violence occurred in a small semi-rural town that has been a catalyst for an outpouring of rage among many of its residents.

Nine (9) puppies were taking into local bushland and beaten to death. Twenty-five (25) year old Nathan Thompson from Kurri Kurri New South Wales has pleaded guilty to serious animal cruelty, aggravated animal cruelty and resisting arrest.

The outrage this has caused is understandable and expected. Social media pages have been set up to organise a rally outside…

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