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The Guradian asks disingenuous, victim blaming questions about feminism

Why do some women hate feminism? Because, having been raised in a male supremacist aka patriarchal society, they have internalized misogyny and learned to go against their own interests for male approval.

What is the ‘fourth wave’ of feminism? More misogynist backlash bullshit, only with more tranniesm and even less focus on women.

Who decides what it means to be a feminist? Feminists do!

Can men be feminists? No. Feminism is the Women’s Liberation Movement. At best, they can be pro-feminist. Men should never speak for feminists and shout us down when we state that this is our movement. Male feminists are, by definition, misogynists because they are colonizing our movement and disrespecting us by taking a term meant for a class they have privilege over.

And, with the pay gap still widening and sexism prominent across campus and offices, where has it really got anyone? All the legal protections women have today were won by feminists. This includes the right to vote, maternity leave, public coverage for obstetrics and birth control, all women in positions of power, Nordic Model prostitution laws that protect women from being prostituted in some countries, media depictions of women that do not dehumanize us, women in universities and the workforce etc. It is sexist to blame women for capitalism, a male system where market forced determine value. Of course a system that is inherently male supremacist would devalue women’s work. That is not women’s fault. Sexism in campuses and offices is the fault of the men who commit it. Why would you blame feminists for the actions of men? Hold men accountable! 


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