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Supporting birth control and abortion does not make you feminist, liberals!

Liberals like to pride themselves on believing they are pro-feminist, simply because they believe in access to abortions and birth control. In reality, they do not support this for feminist reasons. They support thing along with misogynist things like pornography, legalization and normalization of pimps and johns (this is all that full legalization really achieves), capitalism, imperialism, the fashion and beauty industries etc. They worship PIV and threw women under the bus in under two seconds because they respect men (trannie) opinions on women’s issues more than actual women.

Transgenderism appeals to their deep sense of hatred for women as much as it does to conservatives. I have to disagree with Jeffreys and some others that say that trannieism is inherently conservative. Stop believing that male conceptions of freedom and liberty apply to you or ever did. They don’t. Liberals were never on our side. Most even on the radical left subscribe to neoliberal queer theory when it comes to women and gay people, throwing us both under the bus. They are too closeminded to examine how their beliefs about women are shallow and neoliberal. Fuck your Marxist utopia where women are prostituted and trannies prance around in drag (that they need). Each according to HIS need. Men need to fulfill their sexual fetishes publicly and force women to play along against our will.


“My body, my choice” a feminist concept, has been co-opted by liberals. I think it does apply in the case of contraceptives and abortion, access to assisted dying for the terminally ill and all non-physically addictive drugs like dissociatives, psychedelics, weed etc. but it is a hideous insult to us to have it used to defend porn and prostitution. It goes against everything all feminists stand for. We see your gaslighting when you take our theory out of context and use it as a weapon against us.

Trannies commit this gaslighting as well when they say that women caring about sexual violence committed against us by males with their cocks are weapons is somehow reducing men to their genitals. Women have been treated like fuckholes and breeders forever. That is the root of what gender is. It is misogynist practices enforced on women, based on the male supremacist belief that we are meant to be fuckholes and slaves to men. You see how rightists and most leftists both enforce one of these patriarchal ideologies about what women are.


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