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Jazz Jennings, teen boy, shows women how to “woman”

I disagree slightly. Where is the logic that difference in the structure of male vs female brains equals gender is true??? Clearly, according to every feminist that matters ever, gender is sexist stereotypes men enforce onto women to prop up male supremacy aka patriarchy. I’m not saying there are big differences in brain structure between men and women but they do exist. I think it is almost queer in of itself to decry neuro-science as sexist and be very selective with who you talk about to support the false claim that there is zero differences in male vs female brain anatomy. Plus “category” of women? Ugh. We are a class. And making women out to be the oppressors for suffering from heterosexuality which is oppressive to women but gaslighting women that being raped is somehow a privilege? It’s bullshit.



This is a joint post with the brilliant Hypotaxis.

Hey, gals, guess what? This fourteen-year-old boy is a role model for YOU. Yep, you, full-grown-ass women. Meet Jazz Jennings, YOUR ROLE MODEL.

This weekend, we sat a spell to watch an OWN documentary all about our role model. We wanted to know more about this person that we (dykes aged thirty-eight and forty) should look to and strive to emulate.

What we learned is that Jazz Jennings is a kid who likes pink, dresses, makeup and flipping his shiny hair. Jazz is also a kid who refers to himself in third person. “I like being Jazz,” he says, as he reclines in a pink bed awash with plush animals.

Most of what Jazz says sounds forced, coached, even as he spouts off the ubiquitous tropes surrounding transgenderism: “I’m a girl trapped in a boy’s body” and “I have a girl…

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