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See The Real Me

Ugh all the companies profiting off pseudo social justice are really gross. This dude Jazz is so entitled. Of course people that don’t know you aren’t going to come and hug you. This kind of sad music and sad-sounding story also makes it sound like what Jazz goes through going up is worse than what girls go through and more serious (because he’s a MALE) which is sexist. Acne commercials for actual girls usually shame girls and trivialize their self esteem issues. But when a guy’s self esteem issues keep him from getting what he wants its uber cereal. I hate how they are bonding over fuckability mandates as well. Trannies have to push to wear teh lippy, while we have to actively fight it from a young age. They make fake make-up for little girls, fake make-up vanities for children, play make-up compacts for babies. I fail to see how these men are gender nonconforming when they are so obsessed with things like this that hurt real girls and women. As for them calling you it, well not all people are women so not all people will follow your demands that we talk to you in female pronouns.


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