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More excuses for male violence

The patheticness of male abusers and the flimsiness of their arguments knows no bounds.

Radfem Groundhog Day

Just when you thought you had heard all the excuses for male violence, out come even bigger whoppers. This post was going to be titled: “Messy House—It’s siege o’clock”.

So the situation today: A 28-year-old male took two boys hostage (aged one and three), presumably they are his sons. He also has a pregnant wife. The siege was apparently ‘sparked’ by a ‘domestic argument that got out of hand’, over a dirty house.

Hello? Pregnant wife and two young male toddlers, of course it is going to be messy you fool !

The excuses were apparently provided by his mother:

The man’s shaken mother, Shirley Miller, told the Herald Sun she had spoken to her son several times this morning, with a dirty house believed to be the cause of a row with his pregnant wife.

“He’s working long hours and is very tired and overworked, he just got home…

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