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A Sister on Transactivism

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“So I came across the following graphic. Note the definition: “[Trans] encompasses *any* individual who crosses over or challenges their society’s traditional gender roles and/or expressions.”

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By this definition (which seems to be the prevalent one, at least on social media and left-leaning publications of all stripes), women in STEM fields are “trans.” Lesbians and gay men are also “trans.” Radical feminists are most definitely “trans.” In fact, it leaves no room for the possibility of labeling anyone as “cis,” provided they challenge the limitations of socially constructed gender in any way, personally or politically.

What the definition leaves out (rather disingenuously, in my opinion) is the qualifier “provided you choose some form of ‘gender identity’ and label yourself accordingly, thus bypassing and dismissing any meaningful analysis of gender and how it operates in society.”
The fact that transactivists who promote the definition in the…

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