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What Is The Nordic Model On Prostitution?

The Nordic Model is a progressive approach to the issue of prostitution. It was first put into law in Sweden in the late 90’s and Iceland and Norway followed suit. It is a model based off of feminist theory that sees prostituted women as human rights abuse victims. It realizes that sex trafficking and prostitution are very closely related. Countries with fully legalized prostitution like Germany have seen an increase in sex trafficking. The Nordic Model criminalizes the johns (the men who pay for sex, there are not female johns) and decriminalizes women who are prostituted. It offers robust exit programs for prostituted women. Rather than normalizes male entitlement to female bodies (yes I realize there is a small number of mostly gay males prostituted but the majority of prostituted people are women) it challenges rape culture by acknowledging the fact that prostitution is incompatible with women being valued equally to men.


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