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Sounds like a pornsick tranny’s fantasy

“The worst part of Pahrump was the bathroom facilities. There were about 10 toilets with 3-foot high walls on each side. They have a small piece of thin plastic (similar to a clear shower curtain) covering the front which you unhook like a door to enter the toilet. When you sit on the toilet you can see the entire room and they can see you. Even worse, you can see the person next to you using the bathroom.

The showers were not much better. They were five showers in stalls with walls about 4.5 ft high. The shower nozzles were old and the water came out spraying in every direction. I was taught by another inmate to wrap a maxi-pad around the nozzle to make a shower head. This helped.

There were no hooks or anything in the showers so you either brought your towel and clothes in to change and got them wet…or you hung them outside and came out half naked for the entire room to watch you get dressed.”


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