Rats and snails :: on raising a boy – part 1

CORRECTION: “Rats and snails :: on raising a rapist – part 1″

motherhood is a feminist issue

My feminism is about women, always has been. Not for me the notion of men as feminists. Not for me the third wave love affair with the phallus. And yet. Ten years ago, at the age of 42, I gave birth to that most alien, unknowable, dangerous of creatures – a human male. Despite being determined to have a girl, a son is what I got. And how I love him. Despite him not being a girl.

Don’t misunderstand. I was never an advocate of exposing male newborns on hillsides like some radical feminists of the ’70s and ’80s but I felt quite certain I didn’t want one of my own. Biology had other plans.

Mothering a son presents a range of challenges to a feminist. First off, there is the realisation that the tiny, little feet, the weeny, balled up fists, the angelic curls that bring a lump to my…

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The Breeders


“Those women who have sexual relationships with men and have children as a result of those encounters are sometimes known as Breeders. It’s possibly one of the less attractive aspects of radical feminism. To apply such a term to fellow sisters, a term that reduces them down to their reproductive capabilities is, without argument, pretty offensive and dehumanising. Not only that, but it flies in the face of what I perceive to be feminism.”

Whoa whoa whoa! You are confusing radical lesbianism and radical feminism. These are two distinct philosophies that only look similar on the surface. They are NOT interchangeable, as you use them in this article. The only time radical feminists use the term breeder is to describe gender roles under patriarchy. We do not believe women will ever be reduced to that. We are saying that is how men approach issues/policy impacting women and mothers. Patriarchal gender roles are, at the root, the belief that women are fuckholes and breeders. Obviously radical feminists are against gender roles.

To use “breeder” or “traitor” as a slur against mothers is something a radical lesbian would do, not a radical feminist. Feminism, like any other movement- be it socialism, communism, liberalism, libetarianism etc has a definition, it’s not about what you perceive it to be. The widespread myth that feminism is a matter of perception is why trannies are claiming feminism has anything to do with them and idiots are using the term “feminist porn”. Anyone who blames a woman for heterocaptivity or even says she is privileged because of it, is an idiot.

“Feminism is a political movement for the emancipation and liberation for all females, regardless of race, class, sexual orientation, reproductive status, disability status, etc.”


Witch wind has done a breakdown of radical lesbianism, why its different than radical feminism and why it’s misogynist. I certainly agree with you that mothers are oppressed under patriarchy and so would any radical feminist. Its only the radical lesbians which have a vendetta against mothers who believe in “motherhood privilege”. There is no motherhood privilege. What a BULLSHIT, MISOGYNIST concept.

Lucky Nickel mostly on a misogynist liberal dude but also on how there is a difference between radical lesbianism (also known as lesbian separatism) and radical feminism.


Radical feminists would be the last to claim you are born a feminist, though radical lesbians claim gender roles like butch and femme are inherent to them. Radical lesbianism=/radical feminism.

“Feminist is also an honourific title, reserved for females, because it is the only social justice movement dedicated to females.” (Same Davina Squirrel post as above).

I think women should not use the term political lesbian because it gets rad lesbians into a tizzy and it’s not specific enough. Politically celibate is better. Not that radical lesbians will not find a million other Oppression Olympics causes to champion. Radical feminists focus on the commonality of women, leftists and those influenced by leftism like radical lesbians break up women into a million different categories.

motherhood is a feminist issue

By @planetcath 

 I’m a lesbian. I’m also a mother, and my child is male. I had sex with a man (married him, no less!) and we had a child together. There. Cards on the table, does this make me a traitor to the cause?

Well, possibly. Lesbian Separatism dictates that women should withdraw their labour from men, that this is the only way to dismantle patriarchy and thus liberate women from male oppression. Withdrawing your labour applies to every area in which you might ‘serve’ a man. So, for those women in relationships with men it means stopping your unpaid, undervalued labour in the home, and withdrawing all sexual services.

Those women who have sexual relationships with men and have children as a result of those encounters are sometimes known as Breeders. It’s possibly one of the less attractive aspects of radical feminism. To apply such a term to fellow sisters, a…

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JLaw’s leaked nudes: For men who hate women, the violation of privacy is part of the thrill

This is the comment I left on this article which is some “feminist” dude claiming all porn that exists was made by women who “consented” to it. What a pure fantasy.

“They don’t just want to look at the mind-bogglingly enormous selection of women out there who have agreed to pose naked, or even perform explicit sex acts, on camera.”
I am unsure what leads you to believe that the porn you watch online is by women who consented to it. Are you not aware of the large amount of trafficking victims that are forced to make porn and the fact that the vast majority of prostituted people are female and the factors that lead to them being prostituted are racialized, poverty, disability and biological sex driven? When you watch porn you are participating in rape by proxy. I assume this is a self proclaimed feminist blog, and am unsure what trying to normalize such a horrifically abusive industry as porn has to do with feminism. Supporting porn and full legalization of prostitution is misogynist. You are just as bad the MRAs for assuming if porn exists then by default the woman consented, because that’s all women are good for is fucking in your eyes. If they have the nerve to exist as prostituted women, then they exist to be fucked and their fault is consent. Shame on you. Viewing pornography is your hideous entitlement to female bodies. You are no feminist. Porn and prostitution is commodification of women. How can you claim to support reproductive rights while being pro reproductive terrorism against women? How can you claim to be feminist if you believe women are fuckholes?

we hunted the mammoth

Scumbag Reddit strikes again. Scumbag Reddit strikes again.

If you’re a straight guy looking for “fapping” material, the internet is your friend. It’s awash in freely available pictures of naked women of every size, shape, color, age, or hairstyle you prefer. And if you want more than pictures, the internet is happy to oblige, offering up videos featuring women of every description engaging in every sex act you can imagine, and then some.

You might think this would be enough.

But for some straight dudes, it evidently isn’t. They don’t just want to look at the mind-bogglingly enormous selection of women out there who have agreed to pose naked, or even perform explicit sex acts, on camera.

No, they also want to look at women who haven’t agreed to have their nude photos put on the internet. Hence the popularity of “ex-girlfriend” or “revenge porn” sites, filled with pictures that are (or at…

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