More than just a hole

“People say “oh, but I just don’t like penises/vulvas”, but that, too, is rooted in cissexism and general poor sex education. ” In case you had any doubt over how homophobic transgenderism is.


TwanzKids !

Medicalizing a child and confusing them by telling them they are the opposite sex is profoundly abusive.

twanzphobic since forever


It’s totally ossum that twanzjacktivists want to recognise the ‘sacred inner jendah identiah’ of children, and put them on a life-long course of drugs and treatments in order to recognise their inner jendah. (hey No.3 you loser, no one wants to BE Robin! get a fucking clue!)

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How would we ever know about womanhood without men like Laverne Cox?

I binged and watched the whole new season of Orange is the New Black in one night. I found it very paternalistic to have the trans male explain female anatomy. It made me cringe.


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Sarah Brown asks you to “Suck my formaldehyde pickled balls”

Fuck these men. They would skin a woman if they could, if it would make them “pass”. Fucking appropriating creeps. Fuck you all. Fuck your attention whoring and oppression olympics. Fuck you trannies.

Privilege Denying Tranny

In what world can a politician graphically describe a journalist being the crusty “smegma” inside of a m2t’s neo-vag, actively campaign to get said journalist ‘no platformed’ at speaking engagements, publicly state that he thinks men should flout the laws of the country he’s sworn to up hold as a politician in order to procure black market estrogen and not get called out for it? Well a S.C.A.M. of course!

aunty Sarah

Enter in the sucking black hole that is Sarah Brown. After a crushing defeat by the labor party in the UK’s recent election cycle, Brown has found himself out of a job. And what do men do when they loose? Lash out at anyone and everyone possible, while simultaneously building a case why they’re not responsible for their own actions.

“Aunty” Sarah has been constructing an argument that “Terfs” have been “hounding him” to have a nervous breakdown over the…

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