New Halifax Bus Ads Talk Choice

“people of all genders”
obscuring the fact that only women can be impregnated. this is misogynist. it sucks to live in a city which does not have a single health clinic for women nor a rape crisis centre specifically for women. halifax has been consumed by the genderist propaganda. i’m sick of it being shoved down my throat.

Your Choice Halifax

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On Monday, Halifax transit users will have a new message; one that is positive and empowers them to choose. Over $4000 dollars was crowd funded to create and share a Pro-Choice message to contrast anti-choice ads that have appeared on Metro Transit for years, frequently with misguiding or plainly incorrect information. Ads for South House and the Halifax Sexual Health Centre will let transit users know they can have access to the best information that empowers individuals to make the right decision for their situation.

“We were all blown away by the support we received, and by how quickly it came in,” says Jean Ketterling, Administrative and Volunteer Coordinator at South House. “Some people were giving $17 or $23 knowing that every extra dollar counted to helping us spread the message.”

“It’s critical this message appears on transit,” agrees Jude Ashburn, Outreach Coordinator at South House. “This is an important…

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