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Craig Hudson (UK)

A sizable number of the trans community are sexual predators and violent men.

Gender Identity Watch


A murderer won taxpayer funding for a High Court case in which he demanded the right to wear a woman’s wig in jail. Craig Hudson – who is serving a life sentence for torturing and killing his wife – said he wanted to change sex and protested that without a female wig he would look like a ‘bald drag artiste’. The claim, paid for through legal aid, will result in a prison service review of the right of transgender prisoners to wear wigs and outsize women’s clothes. In a ruling, Judge Jeremy Richardson QC accepted the argument of governors at maximum security Frankland prison, Durham, who told the court wigs are banned because prisoners can use them as a disguise in escape attempts.

Killer who tortured and killed his wife gets legal aid for his fight to wear a wig in prison _ Mail Online.

Five family members jailed for life…

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