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CTV decides to spread lies about the Nordic Model on prostitution, questions if women are human

Prostitution is INHERENTLY dangerous. The counties of Nevada where selling a woman’s flesh is legal there are 3 panic buttons in every room. The punters attempt to strangle the prostituted women with pillow cases. I want to scream it from the rooftops: ‘WOMEN’S BODIES ARE NOT CAPITAL! REAL JOBS NOT BLOW JOBS!’.

The misogynists at CTV thought this was the perfect time to spread misinformation on the Nordic model as Canada’s current prostitution laws were struck down as unconstitutional. They made up a highly unlikely fictional situation where women pretending to be prostituted and robbing men will apparently be a likely occurrence if Canada ever adopts the Nordic model. He must smoke crack with Rob Ford. I was going to link to it but I don’t link to heedless subhuman cretins.

I am just sick men still feel the need to debate if we are fuckhole fetus dispensers or if we’re human and disgusted by the Canadian media as always.


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